What Type of #FESTY Kid Are You? The “Retro 2.0”


Versace swag with a Kenneth Anger 60’s occult biker style Crooks and Castles jacket- The Ruling Elite Baseball Jacket.

We’re continuing our series on festival looks just in time for summer, and today’s style reflects the mix of retro and future from which new trends are born.  Combining bygone influences with contemporary techniques and silhouettes, this style carries both modern and throwback sensibilities that result in a distinct new flavor.  Mesh, acid wash, and 60’s occult designs recall icons of past eras while feeling up-to-the-minute fresh.

Got a little Saved By The Bell going on, but with an iPhone instead of Jack Morris phone?  Check.  Can’t tell if your style’s from 1964, 2014, or 2044?  That works too.  Retro 2.o is all about mashing up eras past, present, and future, which makes perfect sense for a festival like Coachella where you’d see Bryan Ferry, Fatboy Slim, and Skrillex all in one show.  True cool is always timeless.


“Hello, ambulance?  Yes, it’s happened again.  Yes, she wore the Jacksons Overalls.  With some cute womens’ New Balances.  Yes, her boyfriend fainted from her hotness.  Yes, he’s horny too.  Bring extra nurses.”  -What happens when your girlfriend wears The Civil The Jacksons Overalls and cute New Balances.

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