What Type of #FESTY Kid Are You? The “Futurist”


New Balances have always been technology forward.  These New Balance sneakers make you FLY!

You’re at the big music festival, festivals have lasers, and lasers are from the future, so therefor according to math or something YOU are from the future!  At least that’s the look of the tech’d out, high function, fashion “Futurist.” 

Digital camo, sport innovation, synthetic materials, built in invisibility cloaking and electromagnetic field disrupters (ok we made up that one)- the “Futurist” look is not only on the edge of cool, it’s useful too.  Our world today is dominated by technology, and more and more it’s influence is infiltrating fashion.  Do you want to be left behind, or are you ready to dive head first into tomorrow?  Yes, stage diving head first into tomorrow counts too.  Check our Festival Style Guide for more.



Even the classic Crooks & Castles t-shirt is getting that hi-tech look.  Match this Sportek tee with theCrooks & Castles Sportek Shorts, which are synthetic, mesh lined, and triangle accented shorts straight from 2020.


Sublimation printing revolutionized t-shirts, with accents like the photorealistic bird wings on this LATHC tshirt.   Protect yourself from the elements with this Crook jacket- the Crooks and Castles Elite Paisley Anorak Jacket.

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