[UPDATE] Kendrick Lamar Responds To "Control" Controversy

After weeks of dead silence, Kendrick Lamar finally spoke out about his fiery verse on Big Sean’s Control. Calling into HOT97’s Morning Show in NYC, Kendrick addressed everybody’s questions about what inspired his verse and how his rapper friends felt upon hearing it.

Starting at 1:00 into the video above, Kendrick claims that he didn’t expect his verse to have the impact that it eventually did.

“Honestly I didn’t know it would be so much speculation—I just wanted to rap. If anybody knows me doing music, I wanna just rap.”

Ehhhhh. We don’t really buy that. The minute you start dissing nearly every relevant rapper in the game, you have to be prepared for some kind of reaction. Kendrick knew exactly what he was doing.

He goes on to say that he hasn’t heard from any of the people that he mentioned, tells us what Jay Z’s reaction to the verse was, and also reveals which rapper he feels had the best response to him (Hint: It wasn’t Papoose). Listen to the interview above to hear the rest.

Check out our footage from being on tour with Kendrick Lamar earlier this year: 

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