Who Benefited The Most From Kendrick Lamar’s "Control"? [Infographic]

Who benefitted the most?

A week ago, just after Kendrick Lamar smashed open everyone’s perception of him with his acerbic verse on Big Sean‘s “Control,” we told you three undeniable truths about the move. The third and final truth notes that Kendrick breathed life into several rappers’ careers, and in the infographic below we expand on this hypothesis with actual numbers–which rapper benefited the most as far as social following?

SPOILER! It’s Jay Electronica. Actually being on the track itself probably didn’t hurt Jay’s case. What’s disappointing to us is that Jay still doesn’t have an actual project out. What good is a 10,000,000,000% increase in twitter followers if you got nothing to sell them?

Who was it?

No matter what though, the eternal winner in this scenario is our man Kendrick, a close Karmaloop compadre ever since he rocked the Verge Campus Tour. Check out Selkoe‘s interview with him below.

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