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The Vest Life Is The Best Life [STYLE GUIDE]


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No winter wardrobe is complete without a couple of vests in there. Vests are the perfect complimentary piece, allowing you to layer, accessorize and mix things up when your outfits start getting a little stale. Depending on how you utilize your vest, you can completely change the dynamic of your look, going from urban to formal to casual over the course of a day.

When picking a vest, it comes down to material, fit, detailing and price. Thicker, puffier vests are best for the chilly days and are usually filled with down or a heavier material, while thinner, fitting vests are a good accessorizing piece when going to a more formal outing.

1. WeSC Hunter Vest

This crispy hunter vest from WeSC is in a league of its own. The slim cut vest will layer well with a flannel or a crewneck sweatshirt and the rich navy blue color will pair perfectly with either khakis or corduroys.



2. Born Fly Batman Vest

This rugged, urban friendly vest from Born Fly is guaranteed head turner. The leather detailing on the shoulders coupled with the hood will have you prepared for anything the weather throws your way. Don’t act like you don’t want this right now.


3. Vans Bridger Vest 

This vest from Vans brings together corduroy and quilt for a tasty blend. The subtle color palette plus the kangaroo pockets makes this a top pick for the colder months.


4. Biography Wear Bomber Vest


Bomber jacket plus vest? Hell, yeah. Detachable leather sleeves makes this one of the more unique pieces we’ve ever seen. If you are in the market for a vest, jacket or both, look no further. The wool grey color will pair well with dark denim, camo pants and even khaki.

5. Rocksmith Head Ninja Vest


Rocksmith rarely ever fails, and this vest is another example of that. With a blacked out look, a ribbed color and a slick looking ninja patch on the vest, what is there not to love? Two leather trimmed front pockets add a great little touch, too.

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