Vest Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself [STYLE GUIDE]


Don’t kid yourself, it’s cold as shit out right now. If you don’t have a vest or two in your wardrobe already, you’re late but there’s still time to turn things around.

Vests are a dope complimentary piece, allowing you to layer and accessorize when your outfits start getting a little repetitive. Depending on how you wear your vest, you can change the dynamic of your look, going from urban to formal to casual over the course of a day.

Here are the 5 dopest vests available on Karmaloop right now. Stay warm. 

1. LRG 47 Legacy Vest


This vest is best enjoyed while watching 47 Piiirates.

2. Black Scale Recondo Vest

This vest is pretty serious. Kinda like the word, “Recondo.”

3. Rocksmith Sledge Hammer Vest


Take a sledge hammer to the winter.

4. 10 Deep Victory Games Vest


Join the winners circle.

5. Staple Bustleton Vest



This looks warmer than a Hot Pocket.

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