Vic Mensa Goes Techno For His Latest Joint, Down On My Luck

Yes, yes and more of that. When we heard [emuze]Vic Mensa[/emuze] flowing effortlessly over a Disclosure song a few months ago, we knew there was something special there. And, not to say that we called it, but..we called it.

On “Down On My Luck,” Mensa leaves the bars behind for a melodic approach and absolutely kills it. Further proving to be one of the most versatile cats out of the new freshman class, he is slowly separating himself from the more one-dimensional rap cats out there. Most of this can be attributed to his days as the frontman of indie band Kids These Days who took it as far as the Conan Show before splitting up last year.

Wack headphones lead to wack behavior. Don’t be a victim anymore. 


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