[VIDEO] BEST HOOK EVER? Bukkweat Bill “Judge Judy” is a Rap Tribute to… Judge Judy

It’s true rap hooks these days have evolved (if that’s the right word) to new levels of arbitrary ridiculousness- say Versace 20 times, and you have a hook!  But to make your hook the name of a post-MILF she-wolf TV judge-  that’s truly something special.  Florida’s Bukkweat Bill took it there with his new Big Makk produced track “Judge Judy” and dropped at hot, Nassacre directed video with it to boot.  Bukk could have picked anyone in the world to name his song after, but Judge Judy was the winner.  @LILINTERNET asked Bukk for some insight into this moment of visionary genius…

@LILINTERNET: Why a song called Judge Judy?
Bukkweat Bill:  There’s a sample in the song with a lady yelling about justice and how her and her people need it, so I thought Judge Judy would be a slikk title.


@LILINTERNET: Would u smash judge Judy?
Bukkweat Bill:  Probably, she got gwop.


@LILINTERNET:  You have a Nassacre directed video, he’s sick… what was shooting with him like?
Bukkweat Bill:  So dope, real easy, we can bounce around ideas like it’s nothing.


@LILINTERNET:  What’s your defense team right now, who do you fuck with and who do you want to fuck with…
Bukkweat Bill:  My managers, J $tash, Relax Gang is who I fuck with right now, and I’m a huge Lil Wayne fan.  I’ve been wanting to work with him more now than ever… and Odd Future always made me feel like I wasn’t the only weird one out there, so them too.


@LILINTERNET:  Who is your favorite judge and your least favorite judge?
Bukkweat Bill:  Fukk all them krakkas.


@LILINTERNET:  What’s your best word of advice for people who have to deal with cops and judges?
Bukkweat Bill:  Just stay out of them krakkas face as much as possible, whether you’re doing something wrong or not.


Thanks Bukkweat!’




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