Videos You’ll Never See: The Lost Footage For Theophilus London’s "Lighthouse"

Videos you will hear about on GURU.

We made a sick amount of music videos at Karmaloop TV, and while you’ve seen a lot of them, there are a lot of dope concepts that die in development, or worse, after they’ve been shot and edited. In July of 2011, an old associate of ours brought in Theophilus London to have Karmaloop TV shoot music video for the Jeffrey Jerusalem remix of “Lighthouse.” Me and my boy Kuzma had two hours in Brooklyn to shoot this shit. We were psyched though, cuz the song is dope as fuck.

Theophilus wanted something in Dumbo so we went over there and scoped it out.¬†We were shooting in a little open courtyard under the bridge when Theophilus was like, “Yo I know this one spot,” and he took us there. It turned out to be the sickest, right on the rocks, and he started getting out and hopping on those wooden things and getting wet. On some ninja shit. Even his manager was like, damn, chill out, man.



The video never came out because of some behind-the-scenes bullshit that should never have gotten in the way of such a dope concept. It’s truly sad. At very least, you can check out these ill GIFs of the shit and get a feel for what the world is missing out on.


TheokarmaloopTheophilus x KarmaloopTV

Theophilus in Brooklyn.

Also, one time Theophilus DJd one our Fashion Week event at Milk Studios, where he talked about hats while wearing a hat.

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