Vince Staples And Gitoo Talk Side Chick Rules Back Stage at SXSW

By now, you can probably tell that we had a wild time at SXSW and may or may not have been able to remember it all. But luckily, that’s what they have cameras for.

In one of our hazy afternoon sessions, we had a chance to sit down with one of our favorite young gunners right now, Mr. Vince Staples. In a crazy turn of events, Gitoo actually asks Vince how to be more poppin’ and for any tips of dealing with bouncers at SXSW. Like any good rapper, Vince hits him with the most crucial piece of info, “pretend like they don’t even exist.”

They go on to delve into side chick etiquette and there are definitely a few lessons in there for all players out there, regardless of age or experience. Click play and see what a sweaty Austin afternoon feels like.

Before Staples, there was Wale, Cudi and more. Click below to see how 10 Deep helped launch the career of some of our favorite rappers. 


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