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Vince Staples Introduces Us To Nate On New Single


Who is Nate? On his boisterous new boom-bap special, Vince Staples bring the ruckus for anyone still sleeping on him. Gathering production from Scoop DeVille and a feature from R&B sensation James Fauntleroy, Staples keeps it refreshingly honest of this track, giving us a taste of what the game is missing.

The song surrounds him focusing on the two things he’s always really wanted: to make a $100k and to kill a man. Hm, a little extreme, but we can feel his sincerity here. Staples alludes to these being things that his father had done, therefore influencing him to chase them as well. Though he never says it outright, we can only assume his pops went by Nate or something similar. What do y’all think?:

Don’t play this out of some week headphones. Get it together. 


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