Wait, Who’s That Rapper Dancing With Janelle Monae In Her New Video?

Janelle Monae has this convenient ability to capture America’s heart with every single she drops. It started with “Tightrope” back in ’10, and has continued nearly every summer since then. Though she’s been a bit quiet recently, much to our disappointment, she is back in a major way with this new visual for “Electric Lady.”

Capturing that classic ATL house party feel and signature bounce, Janelle hops in a big body Cadillac with her homegirls and the rest is history. Though she gets approach by a homie in a fresh cardigan to start with, she eventually chooses to dance with a fresh to death [emuze]T.I[/emuze] for the night. Competing for women with T.I is probably never a good idea, and you can ask [emuze]Floyd Mayweather[/emuze] if you have doubts about that.

Click play to watch a refreshingly dope video for a song that we definitely see blowing up this fall. Also, though Solange is supposedly featured on this song, we didn’t seem to see her anyway. Maybe she’s still in an elevator?

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