Wale Loves The Fuck Outta Some Chinese Food, Takes To Yelp


Wale must be bored as shit between tour dates. Yesterday, the rapper took to Yelp and started reviewing some of his favorite Asian food restaurants across the States. First place he graced: Asia 54, a DC Vietnamese joint, about which he wrote a lengthy piece. For the next two, he jumped over to the West Coast, where he gave props to his favorite spot, House of Nanking and wrote a regular’s style write-up for the Beverly Hills spot, Mr. Chow.

We were skeptical at first if the Yelp account was really Wale, but then we saw his tweet.

People been known Wale was into Seinfeld, but who knew he loved the shit out of some Chinese food? WE DID!!! We hope this culinary hip hop fusion trend lasts forever, man.

Apparently there are a few things the dude must have while eating Asian food:

1. Crack Covered Chicken Satays 

“Pretty sure the Chicken Satay is made with crack.  Don’t let the artificially looking pink skewers turn you off.  The dijon looking sauce is subtly sweet and creamy and could probably taste great on anything.”

2. The Meat-Trifecta Fried Rice

“When the fried rice came out my mouth started watering.  They said I could only choose one meat but for a little extra they allowed me to do the triple crown (chicken, beef and shrimp).  I asked for it extra spicy.  Good call.  The spiciness was there without compromising the flavor.  It also wasn’t too salty or too oily.  Arguably the best fried rice I’ve had all year.  I coulda snapped two orders.”

3. Shrimp 

“The nine season prawns are unreal.  They are fried and definitely not healthy but are wonderfully sweet and tangy… I destroyed the shrimp tempura roll and immediately ordered another.”

Props, Wale. We dig your style. For your next review, come down to NYC, bruh. We’ll treat you to the ILL Vietnamese food and officially induct you into the #bangboy crew.

A few years ago, we teamed up with the homie for a Pretty Girls Contest. Check the video:

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