Wale Admits To Having A “Wale Moment” With Complex Magazine At The Karmaloop Studio

A month after blacking out on the editor of Complex Magazine for not including him on the top albums of 2013, Wale hits the Breakfast Club with a new tone for the 2014. Sheepishly admitting to having a “Wale moment” with Complex, he seems to hold no regret and ready to fire his guns again if necessary.

Wale drops a couple gems throughout the interview, candidly speaking about getting dropped from Interscope, being unable to win over the hearts of certain people in the industry and why he prefers a “special person” over a girlfriend. The most interesting part of the interview comes when Wale defends the opinion that he doesn’t embrace his African heritage enough and how ridiculous those accusations actually are. We’re not gonna lie, out of all the crazy things we’ve heard about Wale, this might take the cake.

Watch the whole video about to see what insults he has for J Cole and how he feels about men’s fashion nowadays. A great interview.

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