Wale Releases His New Single A Week Early And Shouts Out Karmaloop!


If you were cut off from the interwebz yesterday, then you probably missed the developing tensions between [emuze]Wale[/emuze] and [emuze]Meek Mill[/emuze]. We don’t exactly want to call it “beef,” because that wouldn’t be fair to either artist. And like [emuze]Mos Def[/emuze] says “beef is not what Jay said to Nas, beef is working when the working class can’t find jobs.” Anyway, we digress.

After jawing back and forth on social media, Wale decided he was done with that and ready to let the music talk for him. Though not a diss track by any means, the DMV native lets loose an honest, open portrayal of his changing role in today’s rapidly evolving hip-hop world. Ever since signing to [emuze]Rick Ross[/emuze]‘ MMG record label, many core fans have accused Wale of selling out and changing his image to fit in, and Wale hasn’t done enough to quiet them down. Until now.

Returning to the boom-bap inspired hip-hop that catapulted him into stardom back in ’09, Wale coasts on “No Followers,” keeping his signature playful swag while being brutally honest about the position he’s in. “But the anger I express, providing messages, it’s now apparent you forced the kid,” he spits, letting us know that he’s not for the games anymore. Instead of bickering on social media, Wale gives his fans what they truly want in some new material and that’s got to be worth something. The best part of this song though? Confirming what we already knew, but Wale shops at Karmaloop. To let him tell it:

“Folarin probably coming through, camera roll like Pornhub, closet look like Karmaloop”

Click below to shop Wale’s Closet on Karmaloop now!



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