Wanted Since ’94: Collecting Sought-After Sneakers From My Youth [Converse]


In the first edition of Wanted Since ’94, GURU editor T. Kid  went over some of the current Reebok reissues, throwback Shaqs and Pumps that he has always wanted. In part 2, he explores another category.

When you’re in middle school, the hierarchy of sneakers is simple. The Jordans, signature Nikes, and Shaqs that every boy strives for are at the top of the pile for everyone. But it’s toward the end of that adolescent experience that kids stop subscribing to the mainstream sneaker pyramid and start adapting to other styles that might interest them. For me, it was punk.

Punk kids are pretty much sneaker luddites, so when I joined that first band and tried my best not to give a fuck about anything, I had a hard time shedding the sneakerhead in me. I jumped straight to obsessing over ornate skate shoes, foregoing an important standby not only for punks but really for kids of any style: Chuck Taylors.

I never got into the swing of those classic Converse kicks, so I’m going back in time and changing things around. Here are the kicks I’ve wanted since ’94.

1. Converse All Star Leather Low in Black


This kick always reminded me of the uniform shoes from public schools in Thailand, where I grew up. That association always made them seem kind of lame, but that having faded into the past, I’ve warmed up to the all-leather construction of this incredibly simple kick.

2. Converse All Star High Zig Zag in Red


The thing that always bothered me about Chucks was that they didn’t have enough flare. Then they started rolling out all these crazy patterned joints and, in fact, those were a bit too loud. The simple print and bright color on these high tops are just right.

3. Converse All Star High in Optical White


If anyone ever told you the real punk classic was the black All-Star, then they were lying to you. Sorry if it was your mom who told you that and I’m crushing your whole life by revealing it. It’s all about the white high top, which will take on a dirt pattern completely unique to you. Not to mention, if you’ve got a ball point pen handy, you can customize these babies right out the box.

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