Wanted Since ’94: Collecting Sought-After Sneakers From My Youth [Reebok]


Growing up, there were always those kids who got every pair of sneakers they wanted just by asking their parents. Whether due to wealth, parental guilt, or a little of both, they always had the freshest new kicks before anyone else. They never felt the yearning for that one sick pair, nor the bliss of actually getting them at long last. For those of us who could only dream as kids and beg over and over for those Jordans/Shaqs/Air Force Ones, adulthood is a time for redemption. We’re grownups now. We can spend a little too much on sneakers and it’s OK. Mom had her reasons to say no, and now we have our reasons to say YES! LET ME GET THOSE JOINTS IN AN 11!

GURU editor-in-chief T. Kid grew up thirsty for kicks, and this holiday season he’s retracing his steps and snatching up reissues of the ill kicks he wanted when he was but a child. Here are his picks:

1. Reebok: The Shaq Attaq Phoenix Suns Bug Shaqtus Sneaker


When I was in 6th grade, a lot of kids started getting the first Shaq Attaq pumps in white, and some of the cooler ones got the black joints. Because they were everywhere, I personally wanted a pair of black Shaq 2‘s and asked my mom for them over and over again. Both early editions of the Shaq kick are fairly rare to see in this Jordan-obsessed world we live in, so when I saw the 1’s in the Phoenix colorway, I could not stop myself. I was a huge Suns fan as a kid.

2. Reebok: Pump Paydirt Mid Gatorbait Sneaker



My very first pair of pumps were extra special because they were a reward from my mom for my patience. Rather than some of the frillier, more expensive ones, she got me the Preseason pumps, which originally came in white with red and blue trim. When I saw them in these new colors, I immediately recognized the gum sole and knew that these were my first pumps. Still gotta get these in my possession though.

3. Reebok: Shaqnois Sneaker 


The first edition of the Shaqnosis kicks were ugly as shit, frankly. The black and white stripes just looked really garish and tacky. I wasn’t down for them back then, but now I totally am. It’s crazy how the camo color on this updated release actually brings out more of the nuanced design. The single tone plays down those stripes and makes it look more like a rugged boot than a basketball shoe.

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