Watch A 19 Year Old Kanye West Rap About Luther Vandross And Alanis Morisette

The year is 1996 and CD sales are booming. Underground hip-hop is alive and well, but no one has heard of Kanye West yet. If this scenario is hard to believe for you, chances are you were born after 1992, but that’s ok. Just don’t call us liars.

Before he was wrapping it up with Kim Kardashian, Kanye was jumping into cyphers with a microphone to show the world that he really, truly could rap. For those that don’t remember, the music industry balked on giving Kanye a record deal early on because they thought he couldn’t rap. In the video above, Kanye grabs the mic at the iconic Fat Beats record store in NYC for their opening day for a legendary performance. Somehow managing to weave in an Alanis Morisette reference, this was an (very) early peak at Kanye’s unique personality and flavor.

Click play to watch greatness in the making.

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