Watch Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Kanye West And Lil Wayne’s New Insta-Classic Video “Thank You”

This insane new video from Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip features cameos from the big dogs: A$AP Ferg, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye and more. It’s an ill throwback to the more playful era of rap, a pleasant break from some of the darker shit out there right now. The video is appropriately light–a split-screen effect is used through-out but never feels contrived.

Both Ye and Tip co-crafted the beat and are masters of mashing that authentic, warm, dusty-record-sound with a hard-hitting bounce. They stayed true to the original by Alicia Meyers, a dope dance track in it’s own right:

Weezy and Ye’s intros are fun and Busta goes hard, but Tip’s verse is the clear winner on this jam. It’s amazing. The guy’s been consistently pushing the envelope with his music for over 25 years. His beats are always crowd-pleasers and his rhymes stay complex and artistic, yet understandable. The beginning of his second verse on this track, for example:

“Incredibly we do it, and it resonates the music / I tune it, YouTube it, it could never ever be refuted / It’s gnarly for niggas and naughty for ninas / Bitches and ballerinas / Ballers and in-betweeners / Blatant non-believers and over-achievers / Kicking it in Pele’ Adidas / Drink Aliz in liters”

Damn! Q-tip does not play around. We’re definitely psyched for his full-length collab with Busta, The Abstract & The Dragon, coming out  December 12th.

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