Beatmaker’s Dreams Come True: Watch Madlib Build A Beat Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Madlib is one of the best and most enigmatic producers in the game. His beats and production style are so highly original that trying to come up with someone to compare him to is pretty much impossible. Given that, we’re beyond stoked that VICE Japan has given us a peak behind his creative process. They put him in a room with some drums, a keyboard, a mixer, and let the magic happen.

Maybe the most interesting insight from the video is that Madlib plays his own drums, or at least plays drums in some capacity during his creative process. There is suposedly a part 2 coming, which we hope is little less chopped up. Who wouldn’t want to see Madlib creating a beat, play-by-play?

Check out our behind the scenes video with Madlib’s most recent┬ácollaborator, Freddie Gibbs:

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