Watch David Bowie’s Strangely Horrifying New Video [GURU Bootleg][GIF Notes]

David Bowie is a legend but it’s like the guy was made for halloween. His weird fashion sense, his weird music, his weird face–it all comes together in his work. He’s an artist and an alien and this video is a perfect example. While the James Murphy track may not be his most inspired work, the video makes it worth a watch. The crazy puppets and scary lighting make this a perfect Halloween drop.



What resonated with us is that Bowie shot, edited and released the entire video for $12.99. The cost of a memory drive. We live in a world of $100k music video budgets, but even then, it’s all about resourcefulness. You can make art with anything and everything and you should be. Bowie should inspire you– if he’s doing this weird-ass shit at 66 years old, what’s stopping you?



We did our thing and got weird for this bootleg:

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