Watch Eminem Get Playful And Weird With His New “Rap God” Video [GIF Notes]

The best selling rapper of all time is back with his new video for “Rap God,” the lead single off his latest album Marshall Mathers LP 2.¬†This video is arguably Em’s best over the past decade. It harkens back to a more playful, less angry and hurt version of the rapper’s persona, and it manages to recapture that eccentric charm that made him so popular to begin with. The 41 year old rapper looks younger and healthier than ever.

There are a lot of little references sprinkled throughout the video, including Super Mario, The Matrix, and Pong, but the main inspiration is drawn from one of the creepiest, strangest public figures in television history: Max Headroom. Max was “the world’s first computer-generated TV host” on ABC, but he’s more famous for hacking into national broadcasts to do weird shit like this for a few minutes, before disappearing back into the void:

This is the kind of off-the-wall, random, Andy Kaufman-esque shit that’s missing from today’s mainstream pop culture (with the exception of OFWGKTA). The government launched an extensive investigation, aiming to find and punish who ever was responsible for the prank, but to no avail. The pranks even resulted in a bunch of new anti-hacker legislation.

It’s refreshing to see an artist that just went platinum in two weeks pay homage to such a little-known freak of a guy like Max Headroom. Hopefully, this video marks a resurgence of the lighter, riskier, zanier Eminem we all missed. Here are some of our favorite moments from the “Rap God” video:







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