Watch The EPIC New Trailer For The Amazing Spiderman 2 [GIF Notes]

When we first heard about a new Spider-man franchise, we were a bit worried. Might this series follow its Raimi-directed-predecessor by becoming progressively more awful with each film it spits out? Thankfully, the newly released trailer for the second installment of this new series gives us a glimmer of hope for the future. Not only are we treated to some classic super villains that we haven’t seen on screen yet, it looks like director Marc Webb is going with an all-new storyline. This will thrill many viewers who were worried that the movie was going to use the same old recycled material.

Diving deeper into the trailer, it looks like they are already setting the story up for future sequels. In a quick sequence, you see both Dr. Octopus’s robotic tentacles and what could be Vulture’s wings on display in Oscorp. This alone could make any Spider-man fan get hyped for May 2nd,but there’s more. It looks like the Green Goblin will be making an appearance sooner than expected as well. So this film will be featuring not just Rhino and Electro, but a third nemesis. Chase that with some Matrix-inspired slow-motion shots of epic fight scenes, and a crapload of explosions, and you’ve got yourself some welcome sensory overload. This trailer did a good job presenting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and what’s to come, hinting at the plot but not giving too much away as well as treating us to some web-slinging action. Let’s hope for the best!

Here are some of our favorite moments as GIFs:






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