Watch What Happens When Pharrell And Miley Cyrus Try To Find Their #Bae

If you haven’t seen the word “Bae” float across your Twitter timeline at least 3234 times a day, you must be following some very serious people. Whether it’s meant to stand for “before anyone else” or “babe”, we’ll never know, but at least the memes are funny enough to justify the word being a part of culture.

Still riding the wave of his latest album, GIRL, [emuze]Pharrell[/emuze] drops another visual from the critically acclaimed piece, this time bringing out America’a favorite twerker, [emuze]Miley Cyrus[/emuze] for the fun. Playing the director at a casting call, Pharrell expertly inserts himself amongst hundreds of beautiful women, in classic Skateboard P style. Believe it or not, Miley keeps is pretty PG-13 in this video and doesn’t break out into some off-the-grid twerking. Phew.

Click play to watch hundreds of pretty women dancing around Pharrell, yo.


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