Watch A Hottie Destroy Shit In A$AP Rocky’s New Video For “Phoenix”

For his new video for the track “Phoenix” off his album Live. Love. A$AP, Rocky went super classy. Dimly lit, smoky shots of broken glass and the rapper spitting in the shadows provide the perfect counterpoint to the airy, ethereal track. There’s something about watching beautiful women smashing shit and firing guns in slow motion that’s just so satisfying. Pair that with ultra-slow-mo shots of Omar from the wire smoking cigarettes and you have a hit.

The one question we have: why is Rocky releasing a video for such an old track? Sure, January of this year (when this track was released) doesn’t seem that long ago, but in internet time, that’s like ten years. We’re used to artists writing a track, recording it, shooting and editing a video and releasing it all within a weekend. Or less. Our best guess for why Rocky didn’t drop a newer track is that he’s intentionally leaving room for his buddy Ferg. It’s good marketing. You don’t want to oversaturate the market with new A$AP Mob shit every day, so you let each guy get his shine while still staying relevant by recycling your old shit.

All in all, it’s a slick video and an interesting, different approach from the usually grimy rapper.

Are you down with the A$AP MOB?


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