Watch Joey Badass and WAT-AAH! Come Together To Shock New York City

If there was ever an artist known for keeping it realer than real, it’s [emuze]Joey Badass[/emuze]. One of our favorites to watch right now, Joey is a true self-spirited cat who rocks for the love of the art and nothing else. Watch any interview, music video or performance from him and you can see the hunger and passion pouring out of his every move.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to link with Joey just before he took to the stage in Soho for a free concert. The surprise performance was orchestrated by WAT-AAH!, a company focused on making drinking water cool to kids. It all went down in front of the #WATAAHWALL, a 2,500 sq ft mural in Soho of Kenny Scharf’s artwork.

We met up with Joey in Williamsburg on his way to the show and got some insight into what motivates him as an artist. Joey was amped to get it cracking. Hear him discuss the influence NYC has had on him, his love of free shows and his support for WAT-AAH!’s mission to deliver kids fresh drinking water. Good music for a good cause.


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