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Yeezus Is Back With A Trailer For His New Movie. Bow Down.

This 30-second trailer for the Yeezus movie dropped out of nowhere today, but it doesn’t really actually reveal anything about the movie. In classic Hype Williams style, it’s a bunch of jump cuts to various scenes of intense action, biblical imagery, and shiny futuristic outfits. Also, Kim Kardashian will be starring, so there’s that. Will she be able to pull out a performance that can top the Bound 2 video? The world needs to know.

This follows a page of the screen play, written by Yeezy and American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis, leaking earlier this week. That page gives us a little more insight into what the movie may actually look like, and as expected, it’s insane. The scene is Kanye meeting Jesus on top of a mountain and Jesus directing him to “end the world’s ambivalence.” The whole thing is pretty ridiculous and definitely worth a read.

Are you in the illuminati, bro?


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