Watch Vic Mensa’s Trippy Visuals For YNSP [GIF Notes]

Vic Mensa has been on our radar for a while now. He was on Chance the Rapper‘s “Acid Rap” project earlier this year, and has been making a helluva lot of noise recently. He dropped his highly anticipated project, “INNANETTAPE” at the end of September and has had the interwebs on lock since then.

Today, he liberated the video for his song, YNSP, and as predicted, the internet went crazy. Vic flexes viscious bars over the infectious DJ DAHI beat and the accompanying visuals are trippy enough to even make Danny Brown do a double take. Featuring psychedelic rain-inspired backgrounds, technicolored rainbows, flying snapbacks and rappers getting turned up, this video will do more than entertain. Just make sure you don’t watch this after popping a molly or anything crazy like that.

We loved this shit so much, we had to break down our favorite moments so we could watch them forever. Check out our GIF notes video recap below.






Stay trippy.

Trippy Crew - Black 

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