Death Grips’ "Birds" Gets the Guru Trap Treatment

These are real, I promise.

As I’m sure it is in many media offices, Death Grips is a point of contention here at GURU. I love all their songs with very few exceptions, mainly because of how intense and unpredictable they can be. You can never set expectations for a new Death Grips track because they rarely do the exact same thing twice, and they’re prolific as fuck. So when “Birds” came out today, Spills and I marveled at it while our social media director Sameer guffawed from across the room. He sounded like my dad and his when he said, “Who is it that chooses to call this music?”

OK, fine Sameer. Let’s simplify this beezy for you. You love trap beats right? Everyone loves trap beats, and trap beats are universal. And I know for a fact that you love MIA. So here’s a GURU bootleg of “Birds” done up trap style with MIA on it.

BTW, the above is as much a remix as Death Grips last few canceled shows were actual performances.

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