The Weeknd Releases A New Joint To Show Why He Is The “King Of The Fall”


Ready to go hit the road again, this time with [emuze]Schoolboy Q[/emuze] and [emuze]Jhene Aiko[/emuze], [emuze]The Weeknd[/emuze] is building the excitement the only way he knows how: by releasing new music. As an artist who built his brand by being mysterious and elusive, The Weeknd solely relied on new jams to give the people what they wanted. With a tour coming and lukewarm reviews about his last project, young Abel knows what’s on the line this time.

On this new joint, he returns to his patented formula which the people can’t get enough of, including an unsafe amount of drugs, women and money all wrapped over some atmospheric production. But we’ll let him tell it better than us:

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