[GET INSPIRED!] The 5 Best Visual Arts Creations On The Internet This Week


These days, it’s easier than ever to find inspiration. Even if you’re not a creative type, who doesn’t love having their eyeballs softly massaged with dope graphic magic on the internet? We picked five visually stunning videos we found on the web this week to share with you lovely folk. We sifted through everything from films, animations, video games, and commercials to settle upon five that deserve your love. So check them out and enjoy!

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts “Cinematic


For all you game junkies out there, we’re sure you couldn’t wait to get your hands on the new Call of Duty joint that came out this past week. And we are sure when you popped that CD in for the first time you took notice of the amazing cinematic at the beginning. Well, so did we. So we looked into it. The ones responsible for this visual eye candy are the highly acclaimed visual effects company known as The Mill. The artists over at The Mill used contemporary, sharp graphics to create a unique, highly-stylized narrative to help captivate and immerse players. Though the sequence may look like a mixture of CG and live action, the entire project was made straight from the computer. Anything is possible these days!

Depicting a sharp contrasting battle between two apposing forces, The Mill made one team of a milky smoke and liquid substance, the other a dark and cold shard like material. The clashing of these two teams creates an abstract yet clear storyline that makes the viewer even more excited to start playing, if that’s even possible.

2. Light Painting with Pixelstick


You might have seen this recently, due to it popping up all over the web. Pixelstick is a device created by Bitbanger Labs that brings light painting to a whole new level. If you don’t know what light painting is, check out this post to have your mind blown. All you need is some kind of light source (ex: flashlight or sparklers) and a camera with a slow shutter speed and you can create mind-blowing effects and draw light-pictures that will show up in the photo. With Pixelstick, it’s a lot easier. You can create cool abstract ribbons and photo-real renders that look so good you’ll think they were added in post with Photoshop. If you don’t believe us, then checkout the video they posted. It was created by two guys running around it Brooklyn all night. They have a Kickstarter to raise money so they can make more.  We know we want one!

3. Tuurngait


Made by just five students, Tuurngait is an animated short film that tells the story of an Inuit boy who becomes fascinated by a mysterious bird and ends up wandering too far from his village after chasing it. When his father sees he’s gone, he grows worried and sets out into the frozen wasteland to find him. When happens next is pretty crazy but you’ll have to watch to find out. The animated short, which is just over 6 minutes, took the creators about a year and a half to create. It was screened at more then 50 film festivals and won about 9 awards in places like China and France. Honestly, we think it should have won more. What do you think?

4. Mutated Nature


A warning for the light-hearted out there: this next one involves insects and reptiles so if you don’t fuck with creepy crawlies then this is probably not for you. If that doesn’t faze you, we believe you will thoroughly enjoy this combination of macro footage and nice, clean technical visual effects, all topped off with a nasty beat. Created by self-taught London cinematographer, Bipolar Spider, the video features insane amounts of detail and creativity. This dude seems new on the scene so keep an eye out for him. The only thing more impressive then his cinematography skills is his large collection of lizards, frogs, and scorpions.

5. Push- Strength in Numbers


Are you a gym rat? An avid believer of mottos like, “Go hard or go home” or “Getting Swelly?” Or are you new to the gym scene and have no idea what you’re doing? Either way, the Push Strength, which is both a phone app and armband-monitoring device, is a new gadget you definitely want to look into. With this slick new device, you can monitor and record your workout and through the simple phone app, you’ll gain insight into how to improve your routine so you can see faster and batter results. Common Good did a great job using both cinematography and motion graphics to create a sharp commercial that helps showcase Push Strength’s functionality. It stars a single dude going through the motions while glowing graphics follow and highlight him through his different exercises. It’s an effective and unique way to sell workout gear for sure–it shows the functionality of the device and gets the viewer interested in buying it.

If these GIFs have your head spinning, rock some gear to match how you feel. 




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