What’s Sway Hiding Under His Head Wrap? [Infographic]

What could it possibly be under there?

Ever wonder whats your boy Sway Calloway is keeping concealed under his famous head wrap? Well, we at GURU have spent the better part of 18 months speculating on the possibilities, and we created the following mock X-rays based on the most likely contents (within a .05% margin of error).

Could a snake be under Sway's Headwrap?

This is the most logical answer based on the size and shape of the head wraps, and it also explains the veiled look of terror Sway is perpetually wearing when talking directly to the camera.

Could Detox be under Sway's Headwrap?

Last year, Sway had the balls to ask Ice Cube why Dre hadn’t put Detox out yet. Cube gave him an imprecise answer and Sway just took it and moved on. Sway definitely knows something and was simply paying the topic lip service, setting Ice Cube up for a clean cover-up of his NWA homeboy’s missing record. The host is almost certainly in on it.

Could assassination plans be under Sway's Headwrap?

In Sway’s Twitter header, a picture of him and Obama, you can clearly see that Obama is handing something off to him. Truth is, Sway’s dome is the last place anyone would expect to find classified military intelligence, or intelligence of any sort, really.

Could Jermaine Dupri be under Sway's Headwrap?

Don’t lie. You’ve been wondering what the fuck happened to Jermaine Dupri just like we have. This isn’t even likely, just hopeful. Miss you bro </3

Could mad other turbans be under Sway's Headwrap?

Though it’s not the most fun answer to this query, it’s the only way to explain where he keeps his vast collection of head gear.

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