Will OutKast Reunite For Coachella 2014?


Rumors abound about OutKast‘s purported reunion. It seems like there’s hints at such a comeback every year, and each time we are left holding our Players’ Balls. This time, there’s word of a headlining spot for the legendary rap group at Coachella 2014. Spin found evidence for this claim on Sleepy Brown’s Instagram, but the post has since been taken down, suggesting that some damage control is in play. It’s possible that they’re just trying to keep it under wraps so the official announcement is that much bigger, but it could also be that they’re trying to avoid any embarrassment because they’re not actually reuniting.

A hundred and one sites are reporting these rumors very tentatively, and no one seems quite sure it it’s going to happen. The anticipation is killing us, so we’re playing this Outkast/Flying Lotus mashup that we made in honor of FlyLo’s radio station on GTA V.

Ever notice that OutKast and the Misfits have synonymous band names? 

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