WE HAVE A WINNER! GURU Drum Breaks Producer Competition


GURU has the best readers ever. Not only are y’all beautiful and stylish and charming, you’re also talented-ass producers. A couple of weeks ago, we uploaded 25 drum breaks we felt every producer should have. We gave you one week to use any of the breaks to create an original track. We always get some pretty trill submissions to our remix contests, so we expected some decent entries, but this time around, y’all straight killed it.

Without further ado, the winner of the #GURUBreaks competition…


We like this entry because it stays true to the essence of the break while developing its own groove. The weird sound effects feel natural, and the drops are all on point.

Congrats MorShabazz! Send your email address to submit.to.guru@gmail.com and we’ll shoot over your $100 gift code!



Be sure to stay tuned to GURU for more giveaways and contests coming soon!

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