We Have A Winner! GURU #Soundpack Contest / QuNeo Giveaway Round 1


We had a lot of truly amazing entries to our inaugaral #soundpack competition. People flipped the samples in ways we never could have expected–from experimental, distorted, trance to smooth, laid-back hip hop beats, the submissions ran the gamut across countless genres. Daedelus, the future beat godfather himself, went through every single one and picked a winner and five honorable mentions. Congrats to our winners and to those who didn’t win this time… try again next time!

Daedelus: Floored, humbled, taken by surprise, shook, shocked, and awed –all the feelings during repeated listenings to all the entries for this GURU-hosted remix contest. My song so transformed in dozens of ways, the sung words edited, extended, modulated, hacked apart, and some completely omitted. I don’t like to pick winners and losers–it’s far too binary–so I’ve compiled a list of excellence and interest thusly (with one winner because the kind QuNeo must be given).

(Perksun Remix) by Crush Congregation

Daedelus: It sounds of the song, a remix that takes the original for a lovely walk outside, and evolves a new motion in simple splendor, unfolding. Lots of little details as well woven in, panning tricks for headphone listens, and almost techno repetition to head nod along to.

GURU: Crush, you killed it, homie. Congrats on your new QuNeo. Hit us up with your mailing address at submit.to.guru@gmail.com and we’ll send that out to you shortly.

RUNNER UPs for technical achievement:

Daedelus: This one nearly did it, I mean it could have gone either way, Edison is excellence, just an ephemeral thing, a change of wind direction or a different breakfast and it would have.

Daedelus: I loved the invention of this one, I don’t say that lightly! Usually technique can get in the way, but in this case it advanced the cause, each off set a whole new melody made.

HONORABLE MENTIONS for being outside the box, the lines, the paint, etc:


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