Winter Fashion For Warmer Climates – Part 1 [STYLE GUIDE]


For most parts of the country, winter means one thing: COLD. But for other places–like Florida, which has been enjoying a sunny week in the mid-80’s–the delineation between summer, fall, winter, and spring is less clear. Winter in warmer climates can be a confusing time. Does the concept of “seasonally-appropriate” still apply if you’re living in a place with flip-flop weather year-round? Here are some suggestions of how to keep the spirit of winter alive even while rocking short shorts and a halter top.

1. Color. Even if you’re wearing lighter clothing, it doesn’t mean you have to wear bright colors. Stick to deeper colors: oxblood, deep purples, royal blue, emerald. If you’re wearing a pair of shorts, richer hues will feel more seasonally appropriate. Also consider trading any white pieces for eggshell–also called “winter white.”



2. Boots. Boots can balance lighter clothing and make them feel more wintery without making you sweat. Try pairing a short dress in a darker color with a pair of brown booties or Doc Martens.



3. Lightweight scarf or sweaters. A lightweight scarf or sweater will add accent to your outfit and help give the illusion of a colder climate. Like boots, they will help transform your outfit from summer to winter.




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