Winter Fashion For Warmer Weather [Part 2]


For most parts of the country, winter means one thing: COLD. But for other places–like Florida, which has been enjoying a sunny week in the mid-80’s–the delineation between summer, fall, winter and spring is less clear. Winter in warmer climates can be a confusing time. Does the concept of “seasonally-appropriate” still apply if you’re living in a place with flip-flop weather year-round?

Here are some suggestions of how to keep the spirit of winter alive…even while rocking short shorts and a halter top.

1. Tights. Like cardigans and scarves, tights are a great way to winterize your wardrobe without adding too much weight. But if you’re opting for tights – you may want to ditch the sweater.

Karmaloop_Balck_Cat_Tights Karmaloop_The_Heart_Garter

2. Dark nail polish. Instead of bright colors, opt for darker colors. Like with clothing, the color you choose to paint your nails reflects the season. While cooler colors might reflect a warmer climate, darker colors like gray or even black, will show that you’re winter-ready.

Karmaloop_Nail_Lacquer Karmaloop_THe_Nail_Laquer

3. Chunkier accessories. Last, try chunkier accessories like bangles and wide belts in dark colors. Dressing for winter in a warm climate is all about appropriating pieces of cold-weather clothing and pairing them with pieces that won’t make you die of heatstroke. Accessories are the perfect way to add to the illusion.


Karmaloop_Mirrored_Necklace Karmaloop_Gold_Cuff


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