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GURU Exclusive: Neptunes & Clipse Reunite- in a 20 Day Studio Lock-in!


It was just last week when we mentioned how badly we wanted The Clipse to reunite and make music again.   Not to mention, if you were born in the 80′s (or have exceptional Y2K hip hop taste) you’ve been hoping for a Neptunes comeback for at least forever.  Well, today’s the day.

Karen Civil reports that both Malice and Pusha are back in the studio, and are planning on releasing an album independently. After the success of other indie artists such as Nipsey Hussle and Dom Kennedy, the veteran Clipse should have no problem striking out on their own. They have built a fiercely loyal fanbase over the years, and could set a new standard for independent success for previously signed artists.

And a Guru exclusive from the rumor mill- Pusha is hitting the studio for 20 straight days with Neptunes OG’s Pharrell and Chad Hugo and won’t be leaving till he’s done his time.  The return of both of VA’s finest duo’s have our offices extremely excited- both Guru’s Shomi and @LILINTERNET are VA natives who remember seeing Chad Hugo DJ at raves when they were mere teenagers.

Here’s a little taste of the sessions, courtesy of Pusha’s Instagram:


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