Here’s What Wiz Khalifa And Adele’s Collab Will Probably Sound Like


What do you get you mix Wiz Khalifa’s signature stoner style with Adele’s powerful soul vocals? Well, to be honest, we’re not entirely sure. FUSE TV caught up with Wiz at the Made in America festival last weekend, and he dropped a bomb on them: Young Khalifa claimed that he had already recorded songs with both Adele AND the twerk-queen Miley Cyrus for his forthcoming album. Apparently, they’re just waiting for tracks to get cleared.

We spent the majority of our afternoon trying to wrap our heads around what these collaborations could possibly sound like. The Miley collab will probably be uninspired, considering how homegirl is utterly untethered to talent. But Adele? We’re intrigued. Would Wiz and Adele switch roles, with Wiz doing the crooning and Adele dropping some vicious bars? Or would it a #majorfail like when Nelly and Tim McGraw tried to thug it out over a country song?

Well, we decided to stop thinking and start doing. Here’s what we think this collab will sound like.

Around this time last year, our buddy Carissa interviewed Wiz for an episode of her show That Life

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