Does Wiz Khalifa Have Another Monster Single In We Dem Boyz?

We can all remember when Wiz Khalifa broke onto the scene. With his epic mixtape Flight School kicking things off in 2009, he consistently build up his buzz until dropping the instant classic, Kush and Orange JuiceAs his name started popping up everywhere and his crowds got bigger, Wiz dropped possibly the biggest song of his career with “Black and Yellow” and things just took off from there. From performing at the Super Bowl, to signing with Warner/Atlantic that year, he had cemented his place as a fixture in the game.

However, after a mediocre sophomore album, things started to wane and then people starting second guessing the bony stoner. Would he be able to recreate the magic of Kush and OJ again? When would hear the next massive, stadium-rocking song from him again? Well, the time might be here.

Off his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood, Wiz tries to recreate the magic with this new single, We Dem Boyz. With an infectious autotuned chorus and boisterous trap beat, this definitely has the potential to cross over. Though he doesnt rap much, Wiz playfully rides the beat with his unique cadence and swagger. We can’t quite make up our minds about this one yet; it is definitely catchy but this is one that might get annoying after a few weeks on radio due to it’s weak replay value (Black and Yellow never did that).

What do y’all think? Does Wiz have another one?

Check out Wiz and Taylor Gang being about That Life on KarmaloopTV.

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