WOLF: Official Trailer For The Upcoming Odd Future Movie

We love Tyler the Creator for his irreverent music and style, but we’re also consistently astounded by his skill as a director. Yeah, he glorifies violence, has an immature sense of humor, and he’s just downright weird sometimes. But he’s always creative as fuck. He’s the hip hop Tarantino. While WOLF probably will not end up at a theater near you (unless you live in some bougie town with awesome indie theaters), it’s surely going to take over the internet for a week or two. And for that we are PUMPED.

On a side note, you may notice a slight error in the trailer–the white guy throws the bike off into the dirt at 00:20, but then when it cuts back to Tyler lying in the street at 00:36, the bike is still there. For the record, we believe this was intentional on Tyler’s part, and that when the movie comes out, this will be evident to all as a key plot point.

A year or so ago, we captured Tyler sparking a riot outside the BBC store on Fashion’s Night Out:




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