WTF: Idiots Posting Their Credit Card Numbers on Twitter


Revealing new levels of online stupidity, hundreds of people are posting their full credit card numbers to Twitter – on purpose. Two acounts, @NeedaDebitCard and @CancelThatCard, find photos of credit and debit cards that people have tweeted and puts them on blast. Why would anyone post this information, you ask? Many of them seem to be naively excited about getting a new card (especially Hello Kitty cards), while others post photos of cards they’ve found somewhere with the hope that the owner will recognize it. The main reason, however, that people are posting their full credit card numbers on Twitter is a classic one – extreme stupidity.

It should go without saying that you should never, ever, do this, and the @CancelThatCard account appears to be a public service to warn posters of the inherent dangers involved. The more deviously named @NeedaDebitCard however might have a different agenda, as it simply retweets debit card photos from Twitter users- you know, in case you need one. Having a stranger go on a shopping spree with your money sucks, but posting your card on Twitter is like giving a burglar the keys to your house. When it comes to the dumbest things we’ve ever seen people do online, this one takes the credit!

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