Yo Gotti Keeps It Gangsta On The Breakfast Club

Even though it sounds like he spent the previous night grating his throat until he had no voice, Yo Gotti came through The Breakfast Club this morning to promote his new album, I Am. He discussed the complicated ethics of getting with your business partner’s girl, the numerous shitty record deals he’s had to escape, and Trinidad James’ comments about New York.

He’s a veteran in the game and it shows in the interview. Our beloved hosts give him numerous chances to take shots at Juicy J and Gucci Mane, two rappers he’s had beef with in the past. Instead of taking the bait, he says he’s cool with Juicy now and he reacts to Gucci the same way as the rest of us: with laughter. He comes across as mature and above a lot of the bullshit in hip-hop. An MC could learn a thing or two.

Are you a big Yo Gotti fan? Check out his new collaboration with Rocksmith and celebrate an early Christmas. 


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