Zumo Kollie Is A Good Sport On His Video For “Park Day”

What happened to honest hip-hop getting it’s share of the love? With all the noise in mainstream rap today, it’s like we rarely ever hear about acts like The Roots, Talib Kweli, or Mos Def any more. Rhode Island emcee, Zumo Kollie takes a page out of the golden era for his new visual “Park Day” and keeps the good vibes flowing.

Shot on 16mm film to preserve that retro feel, the video finds Kollie rapping as he moves through New York City in classic hip-hop video form. Though the video is pretty standard stuff, it’s Kollie’s rhymes and cadence that kept our attention. Speaking on real life and how he sees it, this is a refreshing spin on old school boom bap. Click play and watch him go.

Still waiting to get your summer right? Stop trippin’.


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