November 20, 2012 - Boston, MA – There is something sadistic about the nature of Black Friday, so it's not surprising that Karmaloop.com, the global leader in online streetwear retail, would launch a bondage-inspired Black Friday commercial and lookbook in addition to a live SexCam-themed Cyber Monday promotion.

Karmaloop’s Black Friday lookbook and viral-ready commercial video features real dominatrices – one of whom is nearly 7' tall - humiliating Karmaloop employees as a parody of sensational erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey titled "50 Shades of Black Friday." Moms, aunts and grandmothers seem to be into bondage these days and Karmaloop trusts streetwear aficionados will be as well.

"We know the Black Friday sales are hugely important," said Greg Selkoe, Founder and CEO of Karmaloop.com.  "Karmaloop likes to push the envelope so we thought we would do it in a risqué and proactive way – it’s satire.”

"Karmaloop is more than a retailer. We are a content creator and these photos and video really stand out of the clutter this Black Friday as something totally different,” Selkoe answered when asked if the Black Friday promotion may be too mature for the younger section of Karmaloop’s demographic. “We have never been afraid to be on the edge.”

The following Cyber Monday promotion unbelievably tops the provocative feel of the commercial and lookbook. Karmaloop will initiate a first in e-retail marketing by hiring a dozen “camgirls” - women who strip live on webcams for a living - to engage site visitors by chatting live for 24 hours while offering exclusive deals and spur of the moment contests, not to mention performing karaoke and other crazy surprises to titillate customers. Karmaloop believes the lighthearted yet racy lampooning of the internet's darker corners will break new ground while driving sales and shocking the timid.

Karmaloop’s “CyberKam” girls are "Barbie Babylons," a former schoolteacher with a degree in sex psychology, “Sarah ‘Vanacular’ Varga, ” a specialist in extinct languages, and “Honey Bridges," who has voiced more than 20 skits on platinum-selling rap albums throughout her career. While public reaction is bound to be strong, Karmaloop insists that it is the company's nature to be innovative and break boundaries. “We are just trying to have a little fun and be who we are,” Selkoe stated. “Our clothes and our campaigns have never been conventional.”

About Karmaloop.com
Founded by Greg Selkoe in 2000 and headquartered in Boston, MA, with an office and TV studio in New York City, and offices in Los Angeles and Copenhagen, Karmaloop.com is one of the world’s largest and most-respected online retailers of Streetwear. The company is anchored by its multi-platform retail website and lifestyle network, which attracts more than 4.5 million unique monthly visitors and includes both retail shopping, and original video and blog content. Karmaloop.com sells over 500 men’s and women’s brands to their loyal Verge Culture customer base spanning 80 countries. Verge Culture is made up of the first generation to grow up on the Internet; it's a group that does not define itself by race or ethnicity, but by shared ideas and values.  Verge Culture members are alpha-consumers, always craving the latest fashions and products.  Karmaloop, Inc. owns and operates Karmaloop.com, KarmaloopTV.com, PLNDR.com, Kazbah.com, BoylstonTradingCo.com, Brick Harbor, Karmaloop EU and MissKL.com and owns several private label clothing brands: Advocate; Fenced; Flüd; KLP; Pilot Licensing; Society Original Products; and Spool & Thread.