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On a freezing afternoon in March, Sevnth Wonder stopped by the Boston headquarters for his photoshoot and grand tour of the office. Being from Houston, Texas originally, he still doesn’t seem used to the cold. During the shoot, we joked about 90s TV shows and ex-girlfriends, and sat down with him after to talk about finding his wife on Soundcloud, how being a Gemini affects his creativity, and Draking it.


Where are you from?

I’m originally from Houston, Texas.  I moved to Massachusetts about three years ago.


Does being from Houston influence your musical style?

I would say that Houston influenced the smoothness of my music. I think Houston has a very distinct sound on its own. It’s very trill and laid back. My mixes are indeed very laid back, and my music is very smooth. 


How would describe the current sound of R&B?

If we are talking underground R&B, I think it’s still very 90’s. That sound is still alive. Its more focused on melodies than turning up.


Is it true that you’re going to find your wife on soundcloud?

I most likely will. I would definitely say there’s a 9 out of 10 chance I will (laughs). I hope she’s a producer I could work with. It would be dope to collab with a girl and then have her be the future bae.


Your fanbase is growing rapidly, especially in the UK. How did you start to build it?

I started supporting a radio DJ named Complexion when his show first started. I worked with him one-on-one and helped push his mixes to my fans in the US. He returned the favor by playing some of my songs on his show and it’s been amazing. It’s great to see that we’ve been growing at the same pace too. His show, the Future Beats Show has so much great music so I was happy to work with him.


How does being a Gemini affect your creativity?

Giving you the most astrological answer, it would be that nothings ever consistent. I like to flop back and forth between styles, switch back and forth between different genres. I guess that'd be a way to put it.


What’s your favorite track you’ve done so far?

One of my favorite tracks was my Donell Jones - Life Goes On (remix). He actually heard my remix and DM’d me on Twitter saying that he loved it. That was an amazing feeling.


What’s your favorite acapella sample?

I am very excited to work on a new acapella I received from the UK artist, Daley. I think it’s going to be the most challenging remix I’ve ever done because of the way he recorded it. It actually speeds up as the song goes on.


What was the last dream that you remembered?

I had a dream I was laying in my bed  and I got a phone call. I picked it up and no one was on the line. I don’t know if that’s a good thing (laughs). I looked up the meaning of the dream and it could mean mean that I have good news waiting. We’ll see what happens.


Describe your process of music discovery.

My grandparents had a huge jazz and R&B collection when I was growing up. I used to produce using only vinyls. I have a pretty big vinyl collection now but the internet makes everything so much easier. I love looking for really obscure sampled so I don’t sample people like Ciara, Justin Bieber, or other popular artists like that. I really pride myself on being different. 


What are the top three things you value in life?

Family, a faithful girl, and music. I just Drake’d it a little bit. Someone take my phone, I might call my ex (laughs).


Do you have any other projects dropping this year?

I have a four track EP I’m trying to get released. I self dropped my last one but I think it would be more exciting to drop it with a label or a collective just because it’ll definitely help me reach out to a new fan base. Hopefully I will be dropping that this summer.



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