WeSC is WeAreTheSuperlativeConspiracy. WeSC is not just a brand in the fashion industry, but a company within the skateboard culture. With roots in a subculture that sets its own rules and establishes its own trends, WeSC creates street fashion that appeals to the skateboard community and others who share the same values.

WeSC is unpredictable. WeSC does not follow trends. It's clothing for like-minded people who are aware and awake, no matter their race, religion, or social status. WeSC is "life after skate," a more developed style with a diversity of garments—jackets, jeans, shirts, bags and more.

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WeSC: taking street fashion into their own hands.

WeSC was started in 1999 by six skateboarding and snowboarding fanatics. The founders wanted to provide a broader choice of street fashion for men and women. Today the company has expanded to 19 countries. WeSC is a company dedicated to the Superlative Conspiracy: good people everywhere with creative minds who are extremely good at what they do, whether they're world famous or completely unknown.

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WeSC is a fast-growing clothing company that operates within a skate and snowboarding culture, catering to the needs of those who want more from their clothing, whether it is comfort or a necessary aesthetic to identify with. It isn't just for clothing—it's for a voice that defines a fashion trend as something more than just a fashion trend.

Karmaloop's WeSC offerings for women include cotton crewneck tees with various graphic prints, and dresses featuring two-toned hues and abstract geometrics.

WeSC clothing for men includes sweatshirts and hoodies with kangaroo pouch pockets, raglan sleeves, and buttondown closures.

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